Whilst the school exists for the education of Catholic school age children, enrolment at the school is not restricted to Catholic families only. The St Gabriel’s School Enrolment Policy states that all practising Catholic families wanting a Catholic education will be accepted at the school, provided there are vacancies in the appropriate classes.

Non-Catholic families are accepted into the school if they wish to have a Catholic education and are accepting and supportive of the ethos of the school and are willing to join in the activities that we engage in as members of the Catholic Community.

The enrolment process

The enrolment process begins with your enquiry at the school which is followed by:

  • The Secretary recording your basic information
  • We then forward an enrolment package to you
  • Families complete the enrolment package and return it to the school together with the Enrolment Fee of $50 per child
  • Your family is invited for an enrolment interview with the Principal, Deputy or Assistant Principal (Religious Identity and Mission), usually one year prior to commencement.
  • The child and parents attend the enrolment interview
  • The school offers, in writing, a position at the school
  • The acceptance of offer form and returned that has been signed by parents.
  • Reception children will usually attend two induction mornings, at the same time parents attending information sessions, in the term preceding the child’s commencement at the school (older children do not need to complete this step)
  • The child begins school.

Reception class admission and progression from July 2015

A strong commitment to the continuity of learning based on research and developmental growth of children in critical as students transition between kindy and school. At St Gabriel's School we continue the good practices of "early childhood" learning as outline in Government and Education Documents. 

St Gabriel's School has  two start dates for children beginning Reception in line with the South Australian Catholic Schools Commission Enrolment Policy (July 2015)

Families are encouraged to seek full Preschool entitlement for their child (4 terms at 15 hours per week)

The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 1 continues to be that the child will attain the age of 5 on or before 30 April in that year.

The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 3 is that the child will have attained the age of 5 on or before 31 October in that year. Children starting in Reception in Term 3 will have a minimum of 6 terms

Children whose birthday falls between 1 November and 31 December are not eligible to commence school before the following year.