Personal Responsibility

Our School Approach


At St Gabriel’s we are committed to student wellbeing, encouraging and supporting every student to be the best person they can be. As a school community we are committed to using Choice Theory (William Glassar) as a way of understanding behaviour and educating the whole child.

When creating lessons, Choice Theory teachers provide opportunities for students to satisfy their basic needs of love and belonging, freedom, power, fun and learning, and survival. Learning increases and disruptions diminish when students feel a sense of competence and power, have freedom to choose their learning style. This in turn allows each child to become a lifelong learner, and thrive in a safe, secure environment.

Choice Theory allows students to develop skills to become positive happy members of society who are able to vocalise their problems and to deal with negative situations they may come across in their everyday lives. Choice Theory helps us to become the best that we can be!