Catholic Education South Australia


Out of School Hours Care


We offer this service to assist our community. The hours of availability are 7.00a.m. until 8.30a.m. and 3.15p.m. until 6:00p.m.

The operation of the service is outlined in the OSHC Guidelines Parent Information Booklet, which is available at the Front Office.

Who can use the service?

Age: 5 – 12 years old (Reception to Year 6)

Enrolment and Medical Forms

These forms must be filled in before a child uses the service.
It must include three current contact numbers in case of emergency and current medical emergency information.

Special Needs

It is important to notify the service if your child has any food allergies.

OSHC Information

Management Structure

The St Gabriel’s Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Programme is managed by a Management Committee of a voluntary group of parents/guardians, the School Principal and the School Bursar.

Committee meetings are held approximately once a school term. The Management Committee may schedule extra meetings if the need arises.

The OSHC Management Committee welcomes any new members and encourages parents/guardians to be actively involved in the running of the programme.

If interested or require more information please contact the School Office or the OSHC Coordinator during school hours. 

History of OSHC Program

The St Gabriel’s OSHC Programme has been in operation since 1991. It began with one teacher as the staff saw a need for a before and after school care programme within the school community. With the support of the Principal and the School Board the programme was quickly and efficiently formed, gaining strength with each passing year.


The OSHC service employs a Director, along with assistants when required and adhering to the SA Licence and Standards staffing ratio of 1 qualified staff member to 12 Children.

Centres Philosophy

To build a community where equality and unity are acknowledged by ensuring our children feel safe, secure and happy while being in a relaxed, interesting and positive environment.


Children are supervised carefully taking into consideration their safety in all activities. The rules and consequences are made clear through ongoing discussion, clear guidelines, set boundaries and by being consistent.


The children are encouraged to play cooperatively together by sharing, being friendly and looking after one another, while respecting their rights and feelings.

Interesting and Relaxed 

By providing activities suitable to the children’s interests, needs and abilities, a happy environment is likely to be created. Allowing the children a varied choice results in the children learning to manage their own time and follow their own interests.


Children are encouraged to be involved in activities which build their self-esteem and encourage them to be positive when relating to others.

A major part of our service is to listen to the children and for them to give their ideas as to what would make them happy at the OSHC.

Centres Program and Activities

The OSHC program is reviewed on a weekly basis. Activities and free time for the week are displayed on the pin-up board for all parents/carers to see. OSHC is a relaxed and happy environment and time for children to enjoy themselves.

Meals and Snacks Provided

Breakfast will be provided on request in Before School Care up to 8.00 am.
Afternoon Tea will be provided during After School Care at approximately 4:30pm.
OSHC provides good quality, nutritious and varied snacks which meets children’s dietary needs. All food is prepared and served strictly in accordance with statutory regulations.

Should your child have special dietary requirements this needs to be clearly documented on the student’s enrolment form.

All meals are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Things the children need to bring

The children should bring their school hat at all times as our policy is no hat no play.


Enrolment Fee

All families considering use of the OSHC will be required to pay a $12.00 enrolment fee which must accompany each Enrolment Form (maximum $20.00 per family). 

Fee Payment

7.00 am – 8.30 am        $ 10.00

3.15 pm – 5:00 pm       $ 15.00, or

3.15 pm – 6:00 pm       $20.00

Late Fee - After 6pm children not collected will be charged $1.00 per minute per child. 

All children must be booked into OSHC. 

Children not picked up by 3.30 pm will be placed in OSHC and fees will apply.

Payment of Fees

Fees need to be paid promptly after accounts are sent. The Management Committee reserves the right to terminate enrolment if fees are not paid within a negotiated time.

Child Care Benefits

Assistance with fees is available for families through the Child Care Benefit scheme. Child Care Benefit is obtained through Centrelink. Please contact the OSHC Director or the Office for further information. When claiming benefits the reference number of the school is requested. The number is 190 008 666S.


Bookings can be made on either a permanent or casual basis. Bookings can be made with OSHC staff during OSHC operating hours or at the School Office before 11.00 am on the day. (This only applies to afternoon sessions).

Bookings and cancellation are important for the efficient running & staffing of the OSHC.

Uncollected children

If children are not picked up by 3.30 pm and are placed in the OSHC centre, a normal OSHC fees will be charged per child.

A late fee of $1 per minute applies per child after 6.00 pm.

If a child is not collected and no notification has been given OSHC staff will attempt to contact parents/carers or emergency contacts. If a child is not collected by 6:15 pm OSHC staff will contact Police and request that they take responsibility for the welfare of the child.

Drop off and collection of Children

Before School Care: When dropping off your child/children you must accompany your child/children to the OSHC and record the correct time and sign on the attendance sheet each day.

Children must not be dropped off and left to enter the school grounds unattended.

As part of the Policy and Procedures guidelines in place it is advisable that parents/carers follow the guidelines for the safety aspect of your child/children.

After School Care: When collecting child/children parents/carers must record both the correct time and sign on the attendance sheet each day. Children will not be allowed to leave the OSHC premises before this is done.

Children must be collected by parent/carers or another person as designated on the enrolment form.

Children will only be permitted to walk home unaccompanied or leave with an unauthorised person if contact via phone or letter by parent/carer has been made.

Expectations of Families

It is important that all information is read and parents/carers are familiar with procedures outlined, especially regarding signing in/out of a child and notification of booking/cancelling usage.

As a parent/carer you know your child better than we do and you are our main source of information about your child/children, so please inform us of any concerns you may have about your child as children do not always tell us all their problems or concerns.

Your can either do this by ringing the Coordinator, feel free to speak to us in OSHC or write a letter.

You must inform us of any changes that have taken place such as change of address, telephone and emergency contact numbers, health issues relating to your child/children and nominated people picking up your child/children.

Any ideas you may have in the running of our OSHC and contributing craft materials for the children is always appreciated.



Behaviour Management

At St Gabriel's OSHC program children are required to develop and demonstrate responsible behaviour for themselves and others. Children are expected to behave in a safe and caring manner towards themselves, other children and staff. Children need to take care of equipment that they use within the OSHC program. All children will be provided with a safe environment, which is free from bullying and harassment.

Positive behaviour is supported and promoted. OSHC will provide consistent and logical consequences for all behaviour. The OSHC program ensures a partnership between staff, children and families in order to establish expectations and consequences related to behaviour.

Illness/Accident/Medication Policy

In case of contagious sickness a child MUST NOT come to the OSHC.
Ongoing medication will be administered under written instruction only from the parent. Medication MUST be sent to the OSHC and given to OSHC staff. Parents or emergency contacts will be notified and asked to collect the child in the event of a child becoming ill at the OSHC. In the event of an accident appropriate action will be taken and parents will be notified immediately.

Evacuation Procedure

The OSHC has an evacuation procedure in place and we have a practice session once a term. In our Policy Statement on Safety there are procedures for all emergency situations.


Children are encouraged to do their homework during their time in OSHC. However, it is not the responsibility of OSHC staff to ensure homework is finished or done correctly.