Catholic Education South Australia

Personal Growth

At St Gabriel's School, there is the opportunity for students to be involved in a number of different activities that compliment the core curriculum.

Some of these activities involve all students - some are electives.

Educational Support

There are some children who experience difficulties in the classroom setting, and who consequently find some aspects of their learning challenging.

We support these students through a variety of programs and resrouces. 

Instrumental Music


St Gabriel's school provides opportunities for students (Reception to Yr. 6) to take part in elective instrumental tuition.

The School has arranged for a number of private tutors to visit the school to offer tuition in a range of instruments.



The school is a member of the Active After School Communities.

Each term a different sporting experience is offered to the children. While the day of the week may vary the time is always 3:15-4:15pm.

Participation in the program is free of charge.