Catholic Education South Australia

Spiritual Growth

Providing students opportunities for spiritual growth is of primary importance at our school. All spiritual growth opportunities are invitational and aligned with the mission of the Catholic Education system.

St Gabriel’s School is proudly a Catholic school and, as such, participation in all aspects of our religion is a crucial part of school life.

Students will be given the opportunity to celebrate and learn about their faith through class Religion lessons, prayer each day, liturgies and Mass.

Parents and other family members are always most welcome to join us for these special celebrations.

Students are provided with a learning environment which promotes their spiritual and moral development within the context of a Catholic Christian tradition.

School Chaplain

At St Gabriel's we have a school Chaplain who provides a link with the parish, families, and school community. The Chaplain works with individual students as well as small groups to develop the quality of their social and emotional wellbeing. The role of the Chaplain is to support and encourage students to reach their full potential and be the very best version of themselves. 

The School Chaplains undertake a variety of roles in supporting the wellbeing and welfare of all members of our community. The Chaplains work with Staff, Parents and Students individually, in small groups and whole class. They provide support to staff, parents, members of our wider community and students  in the welfare and wellbeing of our whole community by providing resources, listening and developing activities and experiences that benefit and enrich our the wellbeing of all.  
During 2011 our community was consulted about the possibility of a Chaplaincy program. After this consultation the School Board proceed with an application to the Federal Government to source funding for this service. We were successful in obtaining a Chaplaincy grant and in 2012 Chaplaincy services began. At the end of 2012 the community was consulted to ensure they still desired the program to remain in our school. From these surveys the School Board voted to continue the program in line with the desires of the community.
Involvement in any services provided by our School Chaplains is voluntary. Members of our community have been provided with information about the services available and how to indicate that they wish to access one of the services or programs offered by the Chaplains.
At St Gabriel’s School we take a “wrap around” view of the development and wellbeing of all members of our community. We work in partnership with home and outside agencies and services to support all members of our community.  
The School Board is the official management group of the Chaplaincy programs and our School Chaplains work in line with the Code of Conduct required by the Federal Government. Our Chaplains as members of our school staff work in line with all school procedures and policies. Any complaints about the program or the work of the Chaplains should be directed to the School Principal immediately.
Acknowledgment:  This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.